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WordPress Tweeter is a plugin that will update your twitter account every time you make a new post on your blog. You will be able to use your own tweet template. This plugin is released under GPL. Credit is highly appreciated. When linking to this plugin, please link to this post instead of the download link. PLEASE REPORT ALL BUGS!


To setup WordPress Tweeter, go to Settings -> WP Tweeter. From there, you can configure the options for your Twitter account.

Template Tags

  • %blogtitle% – blog title
  • %posttitle% – title of post
  • %url% – URL of blog homepage
  • %posturl% – URL of blog post
  • %date% – Date when the post is published or updated
  • %time% – Time when the post is published or updated
  • %tags% – Includes the tags as twitter hashtags (since 0.6.3)

Download WordPress Tweeter Plugin


Parameters are useful when tracking where an user comes from. If the parameter is source=twitter, the url will link to http://www.fusionswift.com/?source=twitter. There are couple of tags that can be used inside the Parameter field.

  • %blogtitle% – title of the blog, provided as “title-of-the-blog”
  • %posttitle% – title of the post, provided as “title-of-the-post”
  • %date% – provided as yyyymmdd
  • %time% – provided as hhiiss

Tweet When Post Updated

There is an option to tweet when a post is updated. If this is enabled, it is recommended to use either %time% or %date% in the update tweet template, since it may result in a duplicate tweet.

New Tweet

The new tweet feature, which can be found at Tools -> New Tweet, allows you to tweet from right inside WordPress.

Planned features

  • Tweet to multiple twitter accounts
  • Include category in tweet

If there is a feature that you would like to have implemented, please leave it in a comment. View Changelog

255 thoughts on “WordPress Tweeter

  1. Caine

    I just installed 0.8.3 on top of WP 3.4.2

    After activating, I just get a blank page for the WP Tweeter plugin page.

    I click Configure It Now and nothing happens.

  2. Thethev


    I’m having trouble when I want to installing it on my blog.
    The error message is :
    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /wp-content/plugins/wordpress-tweeter/wptweeter.php on line 203

  3. dave

    I try and install, click to authorize twitter and after redirecting me back to the plugin page, I get: ”

    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page’

    Can you help?

  4. Paul Mason

    When linking to the WP shortlink I get my website cypr.co.uk/p=54

    However I’m using the plugin la petite url, this allows me to set up a short code, such as cypr.co.uk/xqwt This code appears in the editor as the shortlink. I am assuming the plugin does not update the standard WP url

    I think a combination of your plugin with la petite url would be very powerful allowing all WP users to have a personalised url shortener.


    Paul Mason

  5. beerblog

    if you just replace the function substr with the function mb_substr (e.g. $status = mb_substr($status, 0, 140, ‘UTF-8’);) you have correct truncation to 130 chars with languages like Greek, etc.

  6. Roy

    This plugin is not working for the latest WordPress version (4.1.1). The plugin couldn’t make configure with twitter at all. We couldn’t sign in with twitter for configuration. So the plugin developer must work to fix it.


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