WordPress Image Compressor

WordPress Image Compressor is a plugin for WordPress that will convert all the images to JPG, and ensure they are under a certain size.


  • Ability to set the JPG quality (for output)
  • Ability to set the maximum width and maximum height
  • Automatically convert all images to JPG from PNG and GIF
  • Images that are previously JPG will be reprocessed to have the defined JPG quality
  • Only will convert images – it will leave other files alone, such as PDFs, MP3s, and other files.


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11 thoughts on “WordPress Image Compressor

  1. Trainman1405

    I think there should be an option to disallow compression of certain filetypes, such as .gif – that way rather than deactivating the plugin, you can upload a gif file without loosing the frames due to compression.

    1. Tech163 Post author

      I believed all GIFs should be ran through this, as the majority of GIFs are static gifs, rather than animated GIFs. However, we do have a temporary disable option under Media -> Image Compressor for temporarily disabling the compressor.

  2. Stephan Oberarzbacher

    I installed WordPress Image Compressor. It works smoothly with all type of photographs. But there’s one problem. As soon as the plugin is acitivated, the upload of pdf-files is not working any more. It is possible to upload pdf-files, but they are “converted” into jpg-files and the respective files do obviously become useless.

  3. Gui


    this plugin will convert all images to max width that I set?

    Eve if they are smaller than that width?

    I just want to convert images higher than the max width I set, is this possible?



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