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Advanced YouTube provides a shortcode to easily insert a YouTube video to a post. This plugin will generate a W3C valid embed code, and provides options for customizing the video player. This plugin is released under GPL. Credit is highly appreciated. When linking to this plugin, please link to this post instead of the download link. PLEASE REPORT ALL BUGS!


To insert a video, use the following code:


Changing the default options are not recommended, since you can easily mess up the entire plugin by changing it to something bad. Most of the options are self explanatory. When embedding videos, YouTube requires 2 colors to be set. The default colors are 3a3a3a and 999999. You can change the size of the video. The recommended, also the default, is 560 by 340. Note that making this too big might result in bad quality.

Download Plugin


Version 0.1.2 – Current Version

  • iPhone and iPod Touch compatible
  • Semi-feed compatible (inserts image)

Version 0.1.1

  • Apologies, I forgot to escape the & signs, and therefore, it wasn’t W3C valid. This have been fixed.

Version 0.1 – Not available. Please use 0.1.1

  • Basic features implemented
  • Option to choose custom colors and size
  • Option to show related videos and borders
  • Option to show video in “Privacy Enhanced Mode.”

9 thoughts on “Advanced YouTube

  1. Christelle

    Sorry for my bad english. I’m a French person…
    I try your plugin, it works but don’t generate a W3C valid code. Could you fix this please ? Thank you a lot!

  2. Mariam Brann

    Hello!Sorry for my bad english. I’m a French person…I try your plugin, it works but don’t generate a W3C valid code. Could you fix this please ? Thank you a lot! +1

  3. connie

    Hi! thanx for creating the plugin.
    i’ve tried it on wp 3, but it doesn’t seen to work: the plugin just outputs the code as is without showing the video at all.
    does the plugin work with wp 3 or could there be a problem with my wootheme (daily edition)?

    thank you very much!

    1. Michael Chladil

      Doesn’t work for me, either.

      I put

      in a post and when I view the post, I see nothing. I’m using WP3 with multi-site enabled and the following plugins:

      Advanced YouTube
      Google Maps embed
      Prezi Shortcode
      Role Scoper
      Wordpress Importer

      Does your plugin actually get around the part of WP3 that strips out the embed code?

  4. vic


    I downloaded the zip for youtube and its not working..

    here is what i see:

    hbca# unzip
    End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not
    a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the
    latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
    the last disk(s) of this archive.
    unzip: cannot find zipfile directory in one of or, and cannot find, period.


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