Online SSH Client

The MindTerm Online SSH applet is 1.13 MB. This can take several seconds to load depending on your internet connection. This applet has been successfully tested to work in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The service is designed for server and system administrators who want to have remotely access their systems but would rather not use an SSH client such as PUTTY (on Windows), for security reasons or otherwise. To use it, your computer must have Java installed.

With this applet, you will connect directly to the host you are SSHing into, no information with regards to your SSH login will be sent to our servers. However, a tradeback here is that you will only be able to connect on hosts/ports that are allowed by your network’s firewall. Keep in mind you will be connecting with your own IP address.

If you experience problems with this applet, feel free to drop a comment and let me know.

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