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Setting Up Transmission’s Web Interface

A few days ago, I went over the process of installing Transmission on CentOS. Today, I’ll show you the directions to setup Transmission’s Web Interface. This will require either Apache or nginx to be installed. In this tutorial, you will be using either Apache of nginx to proxy the request to the Transmission-Daemon. You can choose to password protect the directory, allow certain IP addresses, or enable SSL. The possibilities are endless, but that’s out of the scope of this article.

To begin, make sure the transmission-daemon is running. To start it, run the following command. If you’re not sure whether it’s started or not, run it anyways.



To begin, open up your httpd.conf and add the following virtualhost. You can change this to any port you wish, but remember to have Apache listen on that port.

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ProxyPass /transmission
    ProxyPassReverse /transmission


Just like with Apache, you will use nginx to proxy the request to port 9091. You will need to add the following snip of code to one of the servers. I personally prefer nginx since it’s much more light-weighted, and its the server this blog runs on ;)

location /transmission {

To finish it off, you will need to restart the web server. The exact procedure will vary by server, but it’s generally the following if you are using Apache’s server:

service httpd restart

Browse to http://your.ip.here/transmission/web/ (make sure there is a final slash), and check it out!

Install Transmission on CentOS

I often use Transmission as my torrent client on my MacBook, so I tried to install it on my VPS. Downloading torrents on your VPS have many benefits. You will be seeding from your VPS instead of your home computer, so your home internet connection will not be slowed. You will also be able to start the torrent on the VPS at night, and download it in the morning. Anyways, here’s the direction to install Transmission on CentOS.

Install the Necessary Packages

Building Transmission requires the following packages, so you will need to download it from the yum repository.

  • gcc
  • cURL
  • libevent
  • intltool
  • gettext
yum install gcc curl curl-devel libevent libevent-devel intltool gettext openssl-devel

Download and Extract Transmission

The latest version of Transmission as of writing is 2.03. You can always grab the link to the latest version on Transmission’s download page. Note that the file name of the latest version may differ.

wget http://mirrors.m0k.org/transmission/files/transmission-2.03.tar.bz2

Extract the package now:

tar -xvf transmission-2.03.tar.bz2

Installing Transmission
To begin the installation, go inside the Transmission folder:

cd transmission-2.03

Here’s the fun part. You’re going to run the configure script and make! Afterwards, you’ll just run make install and you’ll be done!

./configure -q && make -s
make install


Congratulations! You have successfully installed Transmission! Now, run the following command to view Transmission’s help guide:

transmissioncli -h

I prefer Transmission over the variety of torrent clients, since Transmission uses much less memory and CPU that many others, and has a simple installation process. In a few days, I will go over the process of setting up Transmission’s web interface.

Update: See post Setting Up Transmission’s Web Interface.