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Mac Trick – Invert Screen Colors

To invert the colors on your mac, use the shortcut ⌘ (command key) + option/alt + control + 8 (all at the same time). For those not confortable with shortcuts, you can do the same by going to  (Apple logo at upper-left hand corner_ -> System Preferences, and clicking “Universal Access” under Personal. From there, checking ‘White on Black’ will have the same effect.

Take a look at the two images below of what my screen normally looks like, and what my screen looks like when the colors are inverted

Do keep in mind if you take any screenshots in the ‘inverted color’ mode, the screenshot will not come out with inverted colors. If you would like to have inverted colored screenshots, you must manually invert the image in an image editing program.

Installing recordmydesktop on CentOS and RHEL

Recordmydesktop is a command line (and GUI) program that can be used to record a video of the CentOS Desktop (among other distros as well). To install it on CentOS, begin by installing the required dependancies:

yum install gcc make libXext-devel libSM-devel libICE-devel zlib-devel libXfixes-devel libXdamage-devel libvorbis-devel libtheora-devel

Because CentOS does not official an RPM for recordmydesktop, we will have to install it from source. We will download a tar of the source code, untar the source, and remove the tar file:

tar xf recordmydesktop-
rm -rf recordmydesktop-

Now, let’s go into the folder and install Recordmydesktop.

cd recordmydesktop-
make install

If you did not set a custom prefix, running /usr/bin/recordmydesktop should begin recording your desktop! Use the following command (just as with most commands) to view the options available:

recordmydesktop --help

List of Google April Fools Pranks 2012

Here’s a quick list of Google’s April Fools pranks for this year, 2012!

Google Racing – Google is collaborating with NASCAR, and their self driving car will be taking part of the NASCAR race. They even have a video on the official NASCAR website describing their involvement!

Really Advanced Search – Allows you to be real specific about what you want to search for, right inside of Google.

Gmail Tap – Use just two fingers to discreetly type an entire message in binary. Not only that, the Double Black Diamond mode allows you to type up to EIGHT messages at once!

Jargon-Bot for Google Apps – Jargon-Bot for Google Apps instantly recognizes business terms and provides clear jargon translation. It works on all your devices, no matter where you are. The official page provides a few funny examples of Jargon-Bot twisting what folks are saying to their most probable intention.

Click to Teleport – Click-To-Teleport extensions allow potential customers to instantly teleport to your location through an AdWord ad. This brand new technology puts an end to inaccurate location targeting, and introduces a revolutionized way to bring in clients.

Chrome Multitask Mode – Multitask mode allows you access to two mice instead of one. When a couple only has one mouse instead of two, you can both use it at the same time!

Google Weather Control – Don’t like the weather? Simply change it!

Google RoGo – Many folks using modern browsers have trouble accessing websites. However, Google’s studies have shown that 100% of folks using rotary phones have trouble accessing websites. Google RoGo aims to fix the problem folks using rotary phones experience when browsing the internet.

Google Fiber (nutrition bar) – Google is now getting involved with the distribution of a whole new type of fiber. Their new nutrition bar will give you up to 100 times the energy and productivity than what you have experienced before.

8 bit Google Maps – view the entire world in 8 bit Nintendo Style

Google Voice for Pets – Google Voice for Pets will allow your cats and dog to text. Together. Google’s Special Voice Communication collars will allow dogs to communicate with cats and other dogs via Wifi. Google’s Voice Transcription software also recognizes pet lingo, so can transcribe their nonsense into plain English!